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Dice games are online casino games whose central element is dice, which are typically used as a randomization device.

Craps is likely the most popular dice game you’ll find at US-friendly online casinos, but you should also be familiar with the others.


All of them provide favorable odds and are loads of joy.


Let us show you everything there is to know about the finest dice games, as well as the top online casinos where you can play them.

Why You Should Play Real Money Dice Games


Dice shooters enjoy playing online real money dice games for a variety of reasons. Here is a brief overview:


Minimal to No Strategic Involvement

It is not necessary for gamblers to memorize strategy charts or count cards. It is as simple as throwing dice.


Low House Corner

Craps and Sic Bo have a low house advantage for non-strategic diversions. If you place simple wagers, your prospects are favorable.


High Returns

Craps, Roll The Dice, and Sic Bo all offer enormous payouts: 30:1, 33:1, and 180:1, respectively.


What Additional Casino Games Involve Dice?

There are additional dice games available to play at online casinos. Spribe’s Dice Game, for instance, allows you to wager on the outcome of a d100 roll while adjusting the odds to alter the rewards. Bitcoin dice activities are gaining popularity, but are still relatively uncommon.


Generally speaking, it is more difficult to locate these games at US-friendly online casinos. Even if you do discover them, the games are quite exotic, making it difficult to predict the return-to-player. We recommend that online dice gamblers adhere to Craps, Sic Bo, and Roll The Dice, but if you’d like to investigate other games, here’s a list.


Additional Online Casino Dice Games Available:


Roulette x2 Dice Game

Bitcoin Dice Back Lightning Dice Blackjack

Roll the Dice and Enjoy Yourself!

Enjoy roulette games at reputable online casinos

Online dice shooting is an exciting method to gamble. Whatever game you choose, the rewards will be greater than those of most table games. In addition, these games are simple to master and do not require extensive strategy!


Choose one of our reputable online casinos, start tossing the dice, and have a blast!

  1. Craps, An Absolute Casino Classic


Craps is the world’s most popular casino dice game.


Craps is played in the majority of land-based casinos, while online casinos always offer at least one or two virtual craps games. Live dealer casinos offer Live Craps as well.


Craps for real money online is popular because it requires no strategy and has a low house advantage if the proper wagers are made.


Wild Casino emblem

Craps At The Wild Casino


The Essentials Of Craps

The objective of a craps round is for the shooter to roll a 7 or 11 without landing a 2, 3, or 12. If any of these five numbers are drawn, wagers are settled and a new round begins. If another number is rolled, “the point” is determined and the objective of the game is altered. The gunman must then roll that number again prior to rolling 7. This will persist until all wagers are settled.


Craps offers a plethora of alternative wagers, some of which offer payouts as high as 30:1. The disadvantage is that many of these wagers are sucker wagers with a substantial casino edge. Therefore, the only strategy in craps consists of understanding the good and bad wagers.

  1. Sic Bo, An Antiquarian Chinese Dice Game


Sic Bo appears to be an intricate dice game due to the numerous Chinese symbols on the wagering layout. However, the game is easy to understand and play.


Sic Bo uses three dice, as opposed to the standard two dice used in most other games. If you want a different form of dice gambling, this is an excellent option.


Sic Bo is ultimately an excellent alternative to craps. A number of US-friendly online casinos that don’t offer Live Craps also offer Live Sic Bo, so it’s a decent alternative if you’re only interested in the fundamental wagers.


Las Atlantis Casino logo

Play Sic Bo At Las Altantis Casino PLAY NOW

Common wagers in Sic Bo include Big/Small (hi-lo), Even-Odd, and a solitary wager on a specific number. The dealer rolls three dice to determine wager outcomes.


Sic Bo is favored by many dice rollers because it offers greater rewards than craps. Any Triple Bet pays 30:1, while the Specific Triple Bet pays 180:1.


Sic Bo is no exception to the rule that greater rewards result in a greater house edge. The house advantage ranges from 2.78 percent to 13.9 percent, with potential increases under certain rules.

Roll The Dice: A Popular New Game


“Roll The Dice” is a brand-new online table game that can be found at casinos such as Bovada, Ignition, Cafe Casino, and The game employs Chinese symbolism and is loosely based on Sic Bo, as it also employs three dice.


Roll the Dice has a straightforward set of wagers. Instead of numerals, dice feature six symbols: Fish, Prawn, Crab, Coin, and Calabash.


There are a total of seven distinct wagers, one for each symbol and one for three of a kind.


Bovada Casino logo Play Craps at Bovada


The Fundamentals Of Playing Dice

You can wager on the appearance of a single number (1:1 payout), two numbers (2:1 payout), or three numbers (12:1 payout). Also, a win-or-lose wager on three of a kind pays 33:1. Click a symbol to place a wager. After wagers have been placed, the virtual dice are covered by a basin. The basin begins to shake, and the symbols become visible. The range of possible wagers is $1 to $500.


The players enjoy the game because it resembles both Sic Bo and the Chinese zodiac. It is a game of pure chance, so there is no need to recollect any strategy. Roll The Dice has a 95% return to participant.






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